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Wherever you are incidents are always prone to take place. These could be very minuscule in nature or something very big. But whenever they do take place, people document them in formats called the Incident report.

These documents are made to capture details about the incident and are used by government departments and corporates all over the world.

Free Incident Report templates

In this article, we have a great collection of the most useful and commonly used incident report templates. These comprehensive documents cover formats that are used for a variety of incidents and can be used by anyone.

Most of the formats such are editable and can be modified as per your requirements.

1. Generic Incident Report template

11+ Incident Report Template Editable Download [Word, PDF] | Templates Art (1)

The generic incident report template is a basic format that might suit your requirements. The editable Microsoft Word file contains all important sections like the details of the incident, who reported it, location, time, etc.

However, if you are looking at a template that captures more details then you can either modify this template or choose from the large selection we have included in this article and other sample pdfs we have on different topics like work order.

2. Incident Report template for Visitors

11+ Incident Report Template Editable Download [Word, PDF] | Templates Art (3)

Most residential complexes and professional organizations allow visitors to their premises. And sometimes incidents do occur. In such cases, it is very important that you maintain a visitor log along with a Visitor incident report template.

Any incident that happens to visitors – medical emergencies, injuries, harassment or accidents, etc can be filled into this editable incident report template. You will need to fill in information like details of the incident, visitor information, medical information, witnesses, and the follow-up measures that were taken.

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If you are likely to file a police complaint, such templates will be an excellent source of accurate information for the authorities.

3. Accident Report template

11+ Incident Report Template Editable Download [Word, PDF] | Templates Art (5)

This form should be completed in the event of an accident only. Accidents involving people are usually documented with such kind of template as it has sections to include information about who met with an accident, the extent of the injury, and any relevant medical information.

However, if you need to document an accident involving vehicles, machinery, etc then you need to use the other templates mentioned in this article and some other templates such as a free editable cheque.

4. Injury Report Template – For Employees

11+ Incident Report Template Editable Download [Word, PDF] | Templates Art (7)

Corporates looking for an incident report template can download this one free of cost. Companies around the world employ millions of people and incidents are bound to happen every single day! In such cases, often due to legal compliances, organizations are required to maintain records of any incidents with their employees.

For such scenarios, you can use the above-mentioned template. This PDF file can be downloaded and you can use it to design your own template format just like a bill of sale texas.

5. Health and Safety Incident Report Template

11+ Incident Report Template Editable Download [Word, PDF] | Templates Art (9)

Incident reports can be of different formats depending on the type of industry you operate in and the incident that has occurred. This template is made specifically for health and safety incidents and can be used by any kind of user.

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There are sections to enter details like Incident data, outcome, details of the person who faced the incident, witness details, and information about first aid given in case it was a personnel injury/accident.

6. Security Incident Report Template

11+ Incident Report Template Editable Download [Word, PDF] | Templates Art (11)

As the world progresses, incidents of crimes have also seen a steady increase. Commercial establishments are often targeted by anti-social elements and break-ins are also becoming quite common nowadays.

Professional organizations who want to safeguard themselves and maintain data when such instances take place can maintain a Security Incident report form. These templates will be used to document details about the security instances and can be passed to the local law enforcement authorities similar to these sample background check authorization forms.

7. Office Violations Incident Report Template

11+ Incident Report Template Editable Download [Word, PDF] | Templates Art (13)

Data collection of incidents within an organization is mandatory by law in some countries and that is where such report templates can be used. Many incidents/accidents take place within the premises of an organization and the security teams maintain detailed reports for each of these instances.

With this incident report template, security teams document issues that take place inside premises. These issues could include loss of property, theft, accidents, crimes, harassment, unsafe equipment, etc and the same can be captured through this template. Since it was designed in Microsoft Word, you can make any number of changes to the file.

8. Incident Report Template for Students

11+ Incident Report Template Editable Download [Word, PDF] | Templates Art (15)

Educational institutes, hostels, dorms, and other places where students spend time can use this template which is a student incident reporting form. The simple Microsoft Word form has all the sufficient information you would require to fill in for incidents.


The template is completely editable and once you have downloaded it, you can make changes to it as per your need. Your organization logo can be inserted and you can modify the text in the template. It is also a good idea to circulate this form amongst the students so that they can also report incidents by using such forms.

9. Incident Report Template for Tenants

11+ Incident Report Template Editable Download [Word, PDF] | Templates Art (17)

Are you a landlord, real estate agent, or tenant looking to file an incident report? Well, then you will find this template very useful. This tenant incident report template is exclusively made to be used when issues occur with tenants. These issues could be accidents, injuries, theft, damage to property, etc.

Once you download the form you will see that there is a section for you to enter details of the incident like property damage info, the value of the damage, and personal injury details as well. The form is editable as well.

10. Incident Report Template – Electric Shock Cases

11+ Incident Report Template Editable Download [Word, PDF] | Templates Art (19)

It’s hard to believe but cases of people getting electrocuted are actually quite common. It’s so common that there is a dedicated incident reporting template for it as well!!

Well, if you have had such cases then you must use this format. In such cases, it is not only important to figure out who got the electric shock so that they can be treated and their improvement checked, but it is also important to find out where the electric fault lies. Then it can be fixed to avoid future incidents.

11. Incident Report Template – Data

11+ Incident Report Template Editable Download [Word, PDF] | Templates Art (21)

Data theft, hacking, misuse of information, data manipulation, etc are an increasing threat in this age of digitization. Individuals and organizations are often subject to issues where their private/sensitive data is concerned. And whenever such an incident occurs, it is detailed in the Data incident report form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions regarding the incident report templates? Here are some common ones with their answers.

1. What details should be included in the Incident Report?

In order for you to make an effective, useful incident report template then you should include the following details

  • Type of incident
  • Details of people involved
  • Date and time of the incident
  • Location
  • Parties involved
  • Reason for the incident
  • Detailed comments about the incident
  • Witness statements, if available
  • Videos, audio, or written statements
  • Treatments given out to people involved

Apart from the above, you can also include data that is relevant to your organization or to the type of incident that has taken place.

2. When does an incident report need to be filled out?

If you are part of an organization then it all depends on your company policies and/or the laws of the place your office is located in. There are many times when you will be legally bound to report all incidents; no matter how big or small.

Whenever something happens that is dangerous to people or inanimate objects or threatens the normalcy of life, then an incident report needs to be filled in.

11+ Incident Report Template Editable Download [Word, PDF] | Templates Art (23)

3. What the common mistake people make while filling such forms?

Whoever is responsible for filling out such forms must not use assumptions or biases of any kind. For example, in the case of an accident, the report filer must not assume why the accident happened. Instead, they need to collect all facts and put those into the report.

Similarly, all the contents of such reports need to be strictly based only on hard facts and nothing else. Any deviation from the facts can cause problems later on.

4. What happens if the report isn’t filled?

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When no incident report is filled in, it is like the incident never occurred! You won’t be able to put in safer practices, rectify issues or change your operating procedures if you don’t have past incident data to work with. In cases of crimes like theft, robbery, hacking, etc if you do not have the detailed documentation, then the accusers can go Scott free!’


Incident reports are critical documents as they are formal files that contain facts related to an accident, crime, misconduct, loss of property or injury to people, etc. The main purpose of such documents is to understand the reason behind the incident and to understand how it can be avoided in the future.

And in such cases, the free downloadable incident report templates mentioned above will come in handy. So download them, edit them for your needs and start your documentation process! Also, before you go, check out these social media release form as well as these awesome hennessy label templates.


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