Change of address checklist (2023)

Congratulations, you're moving house and it's time to spread the word! But who exactly do you need to tell about a change of address?
It's not just your friends and family who need to know when you move. There's a long list of other organisations and companies that need to know your new address. That's why we created this checklist - so you can keep track of who you have and haven't told about your new address.

Change of address checklist (1)


    • Employer - Your employer needs to know of a change of address so they can update your contact details, but more importantly they need to know for your payroll.
    • Inland Revenue - One of the most important places that needs to know when you change address is Inland Revenue. They'll need to know for your taxes and you can find out how to update this information on
    • National Insurance - Your National Insurance (NI) number is frequently used by the government to help identify you and is required by the DVLA, HMRC and your employer. That means it's extremely important to update your national insurance information. You can find the phone number and opening times online, but you'll need your NI number ready to fully change your information.
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    • Council Tax - To update your Council Tax address, you'll need to visit the relevant site for your move. For example, if you're moving to or from Harrow, you'll need to visit Each site has their own form for changing your address.
    • Electoral Roll - When you change address, you'll need to re-register on the Electoral Roll for your new area with your updated details. This can be done by visiting
    • Department of Work and Pensions - If you're receiving money from the government then you'll need to change your address information with the Department of Work and Pensions as well. This can be done over the phone by calling the relevant helpline. The numbers that you'll need to call can be found here.


    When you're moving longer distances, you'll want to remember to cancel subscriptions to local gyms or clubs that you won't be going to anymore. You can either do that over the phone or when you visit them for the last time before your move.
    The other thing you'll want to do is contact any postal subscriptions you have and let them know when you'll be moving to your new address so they can start sending things to your new home. You can do this after you've moved if you've set up a temporary postal redirect (see utilities section to learn more).

    • Health Club/Gym
    • Newspaper/ Magazine subscriptions
    • Clubs & societies
    • Cable/ Satellite - You should let them know of your change of address for billing purposes and so they can update your contact information. It's also worth checking whether your new home will require a new satelite dish or cable to be installed before you update this information. Otherwise you'll be paying for a sevices that you can't use.
    • Phone - For landlines, you'll need to inform the phone company that you are changing address as you'll receive a new phone number for the home that you move to - this can normally be done at the same time as your broadband. For your mobile you will need to update your address so that they can send the bill to the correct location and you can do that by contacting your provider over the phone or visiting one of their stores.
    • Broadband - You may also want to cancel your broadband subscription as you will most likely be able to get a better deal when you move to your new home and you will have to call them to move your deal to the new property regardless.
    • TV Licence - Yorur TV licence won't be valid when you move to a new property so you will have to change this information on the TV Licensing website. This can be done up to 3 months in advance of your move.
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    Vehicle related

    • DVLA: Update your driving licence - Your driver's licence will need to be updated with your new address as soon as possible. This can be done on the DVLA website for free and they should send you an updated licence (which normally arrives in around 2-4 weeks).
    • Vehicle Breakdown Cover - You can change your information for breakdown coverage on your providers website. This is particularly important for providers who charge different rates based on area and for knowing where they may need to take you to in the event of a breakdown.
    • Car Insurance - You'll need to inform your car insurance provider about your change of address too. This is for both your insurance payments and your contact information in case of an accident. Unfortunately there may be a change in your payment rate depending on where you live so you may see your prices go up (or down) when you change address. You can change your information either online if you've registered your account or over the phone if you haven't.
    • V5C Vehicle Log Book - Remember to update your V5C for your vehicle tax. Forgetting to update this information may result in a fine of up to £1000, so it's not something you'd want to forget about. You can do this either by post or online, click here for more information about changing your V5C address.
    • Schools - If you have children you should let their schools know that you are going to be moving house so they can update your contact informaton. This is also a good idea because moving home can be stressful for your children so it's important to keep their school up to date.
    • University - Private schools and universities will also need to know your address so that they can send over the tuition fees for each semester or year, so it's doubly important to provide them with your new adddress if you're going to continue using them after the move.


    When you have a change of address, you may also have to change doctors. This means that your doctor will have to forward your medical information to your new doctor (this also happens with dentists, opticians and your pet's information with vets). If you have a check-up before you move, it's worth getting their contact information and letting them know when you'll be moving, you can then pass your new doctor's information to your old doctor (or vice versa).

    • Dentist
    • Doctor
    • Optician
    • Vet
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    Most insurers will need to know when you move to a new home because they take your postcode into account when they work out your premium and cost of cover. If you live in an area that is considered slightly more 'risky' then your insurance is likely to increase (likewise, if you move to a less 'risky' area it will go down).

    However, some insurance policies aren't reliant on where you live and will only need your new address so they can update your contact information and to change where they send your bills. To inform your insurers of a change of address, you'll need to either visit each of their websites or call them all up and arrange a change of address update.

    • Health insurance
    • Home/Contents Insurance
    • Life Insurance
    • Travel Insurance
    • Pet Insurance


    If you hire anyone to help maintain your property, you should cancel their services before you move to your new address. If you're moving to somewhere that's not too far away, you might be able to hire them to help at your new property - just don't forget to tell them your new address.

    It's also worth updating your contact address with anyone else that might need to send you something through the post such as accountants, soclitiors or tenants. Normally post from these people will be important and, potentially, private so you won't want to become lost in the post after you move to your new home.

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    • Cleaner
    • Gardener
    • Window Cleaner
    • Accountant
    • Solicitor
    • Banks orBuilding societies - You should let your bank or building society know about your change of address as close to your move date as possible. Your place of residence is an important factor for proving your identity and forgetting to update this information might put you at risk of identity theft. You can update your information on your bank's website if you have an online bank account or you can visit them in person.
    • Premium Bonds - Don't forget to update your address for any Premium Bonds that you've invested in, otherwise you won't be able to receive any potential winnings. You can do this on their website if you're registered or by phone if you're not.
    • Pension - If you're on a private pension plan, you can update your pension information by contacting your provider by phone or email. If you're on a State Pension, you can contact them on 's pension page.
    • Loan companies - If you have taken out any loans then you'll need to let them know about your change of address and the date that you'll be moving. This can be done by contacting them directly, over the phone or by email.
    • Credit card/ Debitcard companies - While you're changing your address at the bank you my also want to get your address changed for your credit/ debit card. Charges to your credit card will require your actual address not only for the bill, but as an additional identification step.
    • Store Cards - It's also a good idea to change your address for any cards you hold with specific stores as they will use that order for deliveries. For example if you use a Tesco store card to do you weekly shop, if you haven't updated your address, they might send your shopping to your old house instead. You can update this information online, in store or over the phone.


    • Electricity - It takes up to 48 hours for your energy provider to update your information, so make sure you do this well in advance of your move. Depending on the type of account you have, you may be charged for ending early, if this is the case you should check to see if they'll allow you to move the deal to your new property.
    • Gas - Make sure your provider knows what date you're moving and then take a reading of your gas and electricity on the day you leave to send to them. This will stop you from being charged for gas and electrcity that you haven't used. This may also be a good time to compare providers as you may be able to get a better deal elsewhere.
    • Water - This is similar to your gas and electricity in that you should let your water provider know that you're going to be moving and won't be using water beyond a certain date.
    • Royal Mail: Redirect post - When you move, there's not always time to change your mailing address for everything, so you can set up a postal redirect to give you a little extra time. This means that any post sent to you at your old address will be redirected and delivered to your new address and you can apply for it up to 3 months before the date of your move (although it does take 10 days to implement). The redirect is only temporary so you can't rely on it forever and it's via Royal Mail so you will still need to contact everyone who sends you the post to update them. You can set up a redirect with Royal Mail on their website.
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    What things do I need to change my address on when I move? ›

    This change of address checklist will help you figure out who to notify when you need to change your address.
    1. The U.S. Postal Service.
    2. Tax agencies.
    3. Social Security Administration.
    4. Department of motor vehicles.
    5. Gas and electric companies.
    6. Phone, cable and internet providers.
    7. Other utilities.
    8. Homeowners or renters insurance.
    11 Aug 2022

    How many days do you have to update a change in your address? ›

    DMV. In most states, you must update the DMV of an address change within 30 days of the move, even if you're moving within city limits.

    How do I make a moving checklist? ›

    And if you haven't disposed of things you won't be bringing with you, you'll have to take care of them now.
    1. Buy moving insurance. ...
    2. Get rid of perishable items. ...
    3. Settle your local memberships. ...
    4. Gather all your records. ...
    5. Notify your insurance company. ...
    6. Find an internet provider. ...
    7. Find a new doctor, dentist, and vet. ...
    8. Plan your route.
    12 Aug 2015

    What admin do you need to do when you move house? ›

    Pay for bills, let friends and family know you're moving
    1. Your work.
    2. Your bank, insurance, pension and credit card companies.
    3. The council, electoral roll.
    4. TV Licensing.
    5. Doctor and dentist.
    6. DVLA.
    7. National Insurance / DSS offices.

    Do I need to notify the IRS of an address change? ›

    It's the best way to ensure that you receive your tax refunds or any other important correspondence from the IRS. You should also notify the IRS if you make estimated tax payments and you change your address during the year. You can write the IRS center where you file your return or use Form 8822.

    Do I need to tell HMRC if I move? ›

    You need to tell HMRC if you've changed your name or address. How you contact HM Revenue and Customs ( HMRC ) to update your name or address depends on your situation. You'll also need to change your business records if you run a business.

    How do I stop mail from going to my old address? ›

    Please visit your local Post Office™ location and complete Form PS Form 8076, Authorization to USPS Hold Mail.

    Can I let my friend use my address for mail? ›

    Can I get in trouble for letting someone use my address? Usually unless they're using your address to receive something illegal. However, if they're using your address as a paper address, that's usually ok. Sometimes someone may not have a permanent address and they just want to use your address to get their mail.

    What happens if I don't change my address on my driving Licence? ›

    Since these play such an important role for state and federal governments, failing to update a license or registration is actually a crime in most states. Generally, the crime is a misdemeanor (punishable by less than a year in jail) and/or fines.

    What are 4 things you should do before you move in? ›

    Moving Checklist
    • Make an inventory of everything to be moved. ...
    • Sort out and donate any unwanted clothing or furniture. ...
    • Have a garage sale or list them online to get rid of unwanted items. ...
    • Start collecting moving supplies like boxes and newspaper for wrapping. ...
    • Submit a change of address form to your post office.

    How can I pack my house up fast? ›

    Fastest Way to Pack a House for a Last Minute Move
    1. Purge, purge, purge. ...
    2. Pack an “essentials” box or bag. ...
    3. Skip the sorting. ...
    4. Recruit a few friends to help you pack. ...
    5. Keep clothes in your dressers. ...
    6. Use linens for padding. ...
    7. Hire professional movers.
    1 May 2018

    What is the first thing to do when moving into a new house? ›

    Let's take a look at some moving tips and how to handle certain things as soon as you move into your new home.
    1. Schedule A Deep Clean. ...
    2. Unpack Your Supplies. ...
    3. Set Up Safety Measures For Kids And Pets. ...
    4. Change House Locks. ...
    5. Get A Security System Installed. ...
    6. Test Your Smoke Detectors And HVAC System. ...
    7. Update Your Address.
    17 Aug 2022

    When should I start packing for a move? ›

    Q: When should you start packing to move? A: If possible, start planning your packing strategy six weeks before your move. At first, you'll need to do the prep work, like decluttering, cleaning, and purchasing moving and packing supplies. Then, the last two to three weeks can be used for packing.

    What you should know before you move out? ›

    7 Essential Things to Know When Moving Out
    • Figure Out How Much Rent You Can Afford. ...
    • Narrow Down the Location. ...
    • Find your Perfect Apartment. ...
    • Look Out for Common Rental Scams. ...
    • Prepare for Moving Day. ...
    • Shop for your Apartment Essentials. ...
    • Get to Know Your New Home.
    24 Aug 2020

    How does IRS know your address? ›

    The IRS uses the address from the last federal tax return that you filed.

    Will changing my address affect my tax return? ›

    If your address is wrong with the IRS, you need to fill out form 8822 and mail it to them. Since you are using direct deposit, your refund won't be affected, but you may not get important correspondence from the IRS if you don't update your address.

    Will IRS forward mail to new address? ›

    Most IRS correspondence is not routinely forwarded by the U.S. Postal Service to a new address, and in this regard certified mailings are returned to the IRS if they are not claimed.

    What happens if you don't change your address with HMRC? ›

    If you don't notify HMRC of your change of address, you may miss important correspondence from them. This could lead to problems with your taxes, such as missing the deadline to file a return or pay a tax bill. In severe cases, you may be fined for failing to notify HMRC of a change of address.

    What happens if you don't tell the council you have moved? ›

    Reporting a change

    If you don't tell the council when the change happens they might not charge you enough council tax and you'll need to pay the extra money later.

    Can I phone HMRC to change my address? ›

    0300 200 3100

    You can also find out information in: the official HMRC app.

    What kind of mail will not be forwarded? ›

    Standard Mail A (circulars, books, catalogs, and advertising mail) is not forwarded unless requested by the mailer.

    What happens if mail gets sent to old address? ›

    Contact the postmaster at the old Post Office and they should be able to talk with the carrier that delivered to the old address and have them attempt to retrieve the mail. If they are able to retrieve it, they will forward it to the correct address if you have a valid forwarding address on file.

    Why is mail still going to my old address? ›

    If you don't file a change-of-address request, your mail will continue to arrive at your old address – so you won't be getting it after the move. If you changed your address with the USPS, but your mail is still missing, you need to verify that the request went through.

    Can you open mail addressed to your house but not your name? ›

    Is it a federal crime to open someone else's mail? The short answer is “yes.” Opening or destroying mail that is addressed to someone else is a crime called “Obstruction of Correspondence.” It is a serious felony that could lead to prison time.

    What happens if you use someone elses address? ›

    Depending on the severity of the crime, the legal penalties can include fines and imprisonment. A common example of committing address fraud is opening a bank account or credit account using a false or stolen address. Someone might submit a credit application containing another person's address or a fictitious address.

    What to do with mail that is not yours but has your address? ›

    All you need to do is write “RETURN TO SENDER” on the front of the envelope and put it back in your mailbox. Your postal worker will take care of it for you from there.

    Can I drive while changing address? ›

    THERE are many documents that require an address change when you move houses and one of them is your driving licence. You can still drive your car while you're in the process to change it, but make sure to start the process as fast as you can to avoid any fines.

    Do DVLA fine for not changing address? ›

    You can be fined up to £1,000 if you do not tell DVLA when your address changes.

    How do I change my address details with HMRC? ›

    0300 200 3100

    the official HMRC app. your personal tax account or business tax account using HMRC online services.

    Who do I need to notify when I move house UK? ›

    Before you move, you'll want to notify a range of companies of your plans. You'll likely need to update addresses, cancel bills or close accounts.
    Before you move
    • Energy, water and internet providers. ...
    • DVLA. ...
    • Local councils. ...
    • Employer and pension provider. ...
    • Banks, lenders and building societies. ...
    • Television licence.

    How do I notify change of address UK? ›

    You'll need the following information to submit a change of address:
    1. your full name.
    2. your date of birth.
    3. your nationality.
    4. your old postcode.
    5. your new address.
    6. your passport, BRP or ARC number.
    7. the name, date of birth and nationality of any dependants if you need to update their details.

    When should you notify Bank of change of address? ›

    Financial. Banks and building societies - This is an extremely important one as it ties in with so many areas of your life. Let your banks and building societies know about your change of address as soon as possible, failing to do so could open you up to identity theft and other fraudulent activity.

    Do I need to notify DWP of change of address? ›

    Do I need to inform DWP of a change of address? Yes, when you move home you must inform DWP (HMRC) about your change of address. When you update your address with HMRC it will update across DWP and others.

    Do I need to change my address on my car tax? ›

    You won't need to change your car tax when you move house but by informing the DVLA of your new address they'll be able to contact you the next time it needs to be renewed.

    How can I change my address on my NI number? ›

    You can contact us on the National Insurance helpline on 0300 200 3500, or you can write to us at PT Operations North East England, HM Revenue and Customs, BX9 1AN, United Kingdom.

    What you should know before you move out? ›

    7 Essential Things to Know When Moving Out
    • Figure Out How Much Rent You Can Afford. ...
    • Narrow Down the Location. ...
    • Find your Perfect Apartment. ...
    • Look Out for Common Rental Scams. ...
    • Prepare for Moving Day. ...
    • Shop for your Apartment Essentials. ...
    • Get to Know Your New Home.
    24 Aug 2020

    What to do when you first move into a house? ›

    Let's take a look at some moving tips and how to handle certain things as soon as you move into your new home.
    1. Schedule A Deep Clean. ...
    2. Unpack Your Supplies. ...
    3. Set Up Safety Measures For Kids And Pets. ...
    4. Change House Locks. ...
    5. Get A Security System Installed. ...
    6. Test Your Smoke Detectors And HVAC System. ...
    7. Update Your Address.
    17 Aug 2022

    Who do I need to tell my new address? ›

    Change of Address
    1. Who to tell when you move home.
    2. Career.
    3. Local authorities.
    4. Recreational.
    5. Household.
    6. Vehicle related.
    7. Educational.
    8. Healthcare.

    Do you have to change address on passport? ›

    Do I need to update my passport? No, you don't need to update your current passport with your new address. However, if you have a passport application that is currently in process, and you'd like to change your mailing address, please call 1-877-487-2778 or 1-888-874-7793 (TDD/TTY).

    Do I have to change my address on my passport UK? ›

    You do not need to get a new passport if you: change your address or contact details. get a new job. change your appearance slightly - for example, dye your hair or grow a beard.

    Who do I tell if I move house? ›

    Contact your gas, electric, water, phone, and broadband suppliers: Tell your utility providers that you're moving and switch services you want to keep to your new address. Some can be done very quickly; others such as broadband may take longer to set up.

    Can I change my address on my bank statement? ›

    Your Bank. Your bank will need to send you statements and verify your debit-card billing address when you shop online. If you have online banking, you may be able to update your address through your account. Otherwise, you can visit the bank in person or call its customer service line.

    How do I change my address on my bank account? ›

    You can submit an application for change in address duly signed, at any nearest branch. The form for the address change needs to be submitted together with a documentary proof of address (please carry your original documents with you).

    Can we change bank address online? ›

    You can send the documents using any of the following modes: Website: Please click here to update your residence address online and update a self - attested scanned copy of your current residence address. .


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