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  1. How to sign up to Safecos online services
  2. Safeco Insurance Review: Are They A Good Insurance Company?
  3. 6 Ways To Fight Back Against Safeco Insurance After Car Accident
  4. Safeco Insurance Company Review!
  5. Safeco Insurance Reviews – Safeco Insurance Claims @ Pissed Consumer Interview
  6. Safeco Right Track Review. Is it worth it?
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How to sign up to Safecos online services

(Video) Simplified: Vehicle Insurance | Benefits and Risks - Explained | PowerDrift

hi welcome to the more independent,insurance services LLC videocast on,YouTube this ones about how to sign up,online with Safeco insurance and just to,be clear we are insurance brokers and we,are not directly appointed with Safeco,insurance we do not speak for Safeco,insurance in this situation this is,merely for general information for the,public and because its a common,question that we get from our clients,once we sign them up so what can you do,online you can do a bunch of stuff but,here are the most salient ones you can,pay your bill online you can check your,billing history billing information you,can also update your personal,information view and download documents,I find this to be particularly helpful,for clients if you know youre out and,about and all of a sudden you realize,you need such and such information you,can print out new auto insurance ID,cards when you lose them and also track,the status of a claim Id be a little,careful with that certainly reach out to,your insurance agent or broker when you,have claims and and pick their brain a,little bit loan provider if you do a,refinance on your home this can be very,helpful and when its needed its needed,also an auto loan provider and you can,add and delete auto policy information,all you do is hit register and all we,did to get to this page by the way as we,went to Google and we just typed in,Safeco insurance sign up online so this,is kind of a situation were just going,to make up a name here and a login Smith,123 ABC 1234 a big fan of using special,characters although Im sure ABC 1234 is,not a hard one for the hackers to break,probably should be a bit more difficult,the minimum you need is 7 characters you,hit continue look the username weve,chosen is already in use alright well,make it a little bit more complicated,continue again internets a little slow,here we go okay were going to put in,your personal information this is not my,information or anybody that I know for,the record im going to put mill valley,since thats the heart of marin county,which is where we are based also i just,know the information in my heart ah,lets see whats Smiths email address,and put them down at yahoo com alright,were 15 5 5 5 12 12 and your date of,birth 0102 1935 city of birth assuming,that this is a question for case you get,locked out lets put Los Angeles unclear,but they want the state on there and,then here is where youre going to put,in your policy information can associate,your account so and if you have an auto,policy check this or home which is are,probably the two most likely ones you,may have an auto you may have a home and,you may have an umbrella you can have,any of these of course but these would,seem to be the most common ones and what,youre going to want to do is put the,policy number in there and they give you,some examples of what your bill looks,like and where the policy numbers are,and im going to put in a dummy once i,dont think this is going to go through,but well try and see what happens yeah,well it doesnt like the fact that I use,then comma lets see yeah its not,picking up my policy numbers which is,what we expected or maybe its cuz I,didnt put the right numbers in here and,that is more or less how you set up,online access with Safeco insurance if,you have any questions about this you,can click on our website and contact us,but this is just the general idea of how,you do it online thanks for paying,attention

Safeco Insurance Review: Are They A Good Insurance Company?

okay,im almost out of my energy drink today,were going to talk about safeco and,were going to do a review on them,theres a few things we need to talk,about theres some horrible reviews,online that we got to go over there are,some great reviews online so theres a,mix i went to i went to,wallet hub where they both say two,different things so lets break down,this barrier and talk about is safeco a,good company are they a good fit now im,going to talk about some of the pricing,too because some of these companies give,some averages and thats where safeco is,crushing it they are a really good,competitive company in most states,that if you have a decent insurance,score if you dont have claims and were,talking about any claim well talk about,that in a moment and you are overall a,fairly decent driver even for young,drivers sometimes theyre competitive,thats the cool part,what i would recommend if you are,shopping and you are going to check out,safeco the company that i am partnered,with is linked below and they use safeco,as one of their companies so if youre,looking to shop around go ahead and,check them out in the link below if that,is the case and the route youre looking,i would say check out the link below,because they are going to give you a,good comparison price-wise to see if,they are competitive in your area so,according to value penguin safeco is,actually one of the more competitives if,you compare them against state farm you,compare them against progressive and you,know on this channel i fairly like,progressive theyre a great company if,you compare them to geico in most cases,single driver licensed 14 to 25 theyre,crushing it theyre averaging 1700 ish a,year versus your state farm which is,about twenty four hundred dollars a year,and youve got your progressive at about,two thousand a year and youve got your,geico about 2100 a year so for younger,drivers safeco is actually a decent fit,i challenge that in some states because,i personally have used safeco and quoted,them across the progressives and the,nationwides and all of those guys that,ive worked with and theyre not,necessarily the most amazing with young,drivers in some scenarios so i guess,its a state specific,if its something that according to the,data thats what it is but i would say,its a 50 50 shot of they might be,really high they might be really,competitive thats one of the reasons,you want to check it across a couple,different options for more of your,married couples so anyone 40 and up,thats married youre fairly even across,the board everybody wants that type of,client thats the way safeco is geared,thats the way progressive wants to be,geared thats the way state farm all,state farmers those are like the hard,core everybody wants the 40 to 50 year,old so youre gonna see common numbers,your safeco is 2973 a year your state,farm is 3038 so a little bit higher the,progressive is 3200 and geico actually,is more competitive at 2962 so theyre,about 11 a year cheaper than the safeco,policy,granted in my opinion if youre chosen,between geico and safeco,theres a few reviews ive done on both,of them and i would personally lean,towards the safe code depending on your,area and the reviews ill link a video,at the end of this that talks more in,depth about that so positive or negative,safeco started in 1953. its not bad,theyve been around for a while they,actually started under the company the,general which is probably a different,company than you see today because that,name is still out there for something,completely different there hasnt been a,whole lot of acknowledgement and,certifications and whatnot because,safeco has kind of been running in the,background if youve ever heard of a,company called liberty mutual one of the,largest companies out there they own,safeco just like allstate owns insurance,just like,farmers owns foremost or bristol west,there are sub companies to most,companies and part of the original,branding the reason safeco became its,own or started its own entity is because,your farmers your all-state your well,not all state as much anymore but it,used to be your all-state and your,liberty mutuals theyre independent,theyre brick and mortar their,foundation is agents theyve built their,company on the backs of agents theyre,the ones going out promoting that,company but because theyre exclusive,they dont have the opportunity to sell,other products we dont want a farmers,agent selling a progressive policy we,dont want a farmers agent selling the,other brands the independent side has,grown more and more every year where,its actually overpowering the exclusive,agent today because having the power of,five to ten additional companies youre,not likely going to lose that price,battle you shouldnt be selling that,away anyways if youre an agent but that,is part of the reason safeco exists they,are in the independent side so not only,do they have a foothold in the branding,of liberty mutual theyve also got a,foothold of being part of the,independent to where theyre not going,to lose out on that portion i actually,recently attended one of their events to,see some of the updates that theyre,having and theres some pretty neat,things that theyre actually combining,because they now own another company,state auto which is another auto company,that has been doing fairly well in a lot,of markets theyre more of a digital,presence versus safe code which is,trying to grow and become the agent of,the future they actually have a program,for that that is designed to promote and,show growth its designed to have,programs that promote and actually,invest they partner with agents to help,them get foundations going to help them,give back to the community to help them,do a lot of different things so as far,as a presence and wanting to be part of,the everyday safeco has a really,powerful pull it was until 2004 when,they really started focusing on home and,auto thats property and casualty as we,call it in the agents world and that was,really a big push and it wasnt until,2008 until liberty mutual purchased them,to become part of their sub of companies,thats really the history of how safe,kobe came to be started off as a general,became the safeco started doing home and,auto where they were doing well with,tenant insurance or renters insurance,style insurance but then they moved into,that industry and then liberty mutual,came along and said hey lets be part of,this company and lets have them join us,and now theyve grown exponentially i,would say because their prices are,competitive and they do have a decent,product lets dive into what were,looking at as far as reviews so looking,at the different ones the first one that,absolutely is the worst is if we look at,wallet hub lets just address this one,right away 2.2 out of 5 stars thats,thats a no-go in my book but if you,read the reviews it really is talking,more so about the home insurance ive,read about 20 of these reviews and,almost every single one is talking about,the home portion so if youre looking at,safeco for auto i dont see a concern,there clearly you can go there and start,reading more of the reviews to get that,research i encourage you to do so,but most of it is like roof claims and,water damage and things being denied yes,that could be a concern and its,something i would look into if you are,looking to do home and auto i wouldnt,necessarily say that would deter you,because what i would recommend is you,learn the home side what coverages,should you carry keep in mind safeco is,sold by independent agents so when the,coverage isnt there correctly,who really set that up safeco didnt it,was the agent in most cases i personally,know as an agent hopefully all of the,agents out there know water backup is an,addition in almost every single company,roofs some companies dont give you full,replacement costs on your roof safeco,automatically offers it but there is an,option to do a percentage where the roof,can deteriorate so when you go to,replace your roo

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6 Ways To Fight Back Against Safeco Insurance After Car Accident

(Video) Client Interview For Jeddah Saudi Arabia | 15 Jan. 2019

hi its connecticut car accident,attorney ryan mckean here and today im,going to talk to you about a situation,that i see a lot which is safeco,insurance which is a division of liberty,mutual,one of one of the absolute worst,when it comes to how aggressively that,they fight to pay claims theyre very,very aggressive,one of the situations that i see a lot,is that they delay,paying for somebody to get into a rental,car they delay,paying for to fix the car under their,stated reason of we need to investigate,the claim well im going to give you six,ways that you can turn the table,right against safego insurance and get,yourself back into a car,faster insurance companies in any single,case have one strategy and that is delay,deny defend and that often starts for,many of our clients and many people who,are in car accidents in connecticut,when they are in an accident and the,insurance company wont pay for a rental,car they wont pay,to get the car fixed and for so many,people working people,this presents a massive amount of pain,and challenge that is intentionally,inflicted upon the insurance company and,now im not talking about accidents,where well there could be some question,as whos at fault im talking about,rear-end car accidents im talking about,accidents that couldnt have happened,any other way in what these insurance,companies do,is they say well we have to investigate,the claim,we have to investigate what happened,and under the law thats correct they do,have to investigate but insurance,companies if you give them an inch boy,they take a mile and so what they do is,they delay their investigation and they,point to some very common reasons,the first reason that they often say is,well we need to wait for a police report,and come on this isnt a case where,somebody was stopped and its a rear-end,collision um theres no need to wait for,police report to tell us how that,happened,so theyll say we need to wait for,police support why did they do this,because in many towns in connecticut it,can take two,three weeks a month to get a police,report done,in some cases even longer than that so,what theyre doing is banking upon,that delay and theyre trying to point,to it,another thing that they may say is well,you know we need a statement from our,insured we need that thats a common one,we cant find our insured,to get a statement and again they know,that theyre giving you that reason now,it may be true it may not be true,question how hard theyre actually,looking to get a hold of their insured,uh when it comes to an accident like,this but what theyre looking to do is,is to hurt you you were hurt in the,accident and now the insurance company,is going to hurt you some more theyre,going to hurt you because they know,youve got you need transportation to,get to a job theyre going to hurt you,because,you may have to ask your friends for a,ride or you may have to get a ride share,vehicle an uber or a lift to work and,that can be very expensive and maybe you,dont want to burden your friends,maybe you dont have any other way to,get to work at all to pay your bills,and most people you know,you know most people in connecticut live,paycheck to paycheck so if youre not,getting that paycheck boy thats going,to hurt thats going to set you behind,most people have very little vacation,time or paid time off in connecticut so,if,you know you dont have that to bank on,if youre lucky enough to have it you,know you dont first of all if you have,it you dont want to you want to use,your vacation time to uh you know go go,to go to the mountains and go hiking or,go to go to the connecticut shore and,enjoy enjoy some time you dont want to,spend it at home,in pain,dealing with insurance companies and,they,know this and they know that they can,extract a lot of pain from you and they,can apply pain they can apply pressure,to you and why do they do this,because they want you to give up,they dont want you to pursue an injury,claim which they know could be,significantly,more costly to them than,a property damage claim it doesnt cost,all that much to fix offender or,or repair some of these vehicles if,youre dealing with chronic neck pain or,whiplash or pain in your back or,shoulder and lost wages so they know,they can inflict a lot of harm,and,theyre trying to wear you down what,theyre trying to say,is look,you know you dont,you shouldnt fight us,youre you know if you fight us youre,going to lose its going to hurt theyre,trying to give you theyre trying to,train you to be helpless after a car,accident and they make this point,we deal with this all the time and im,gonna give you,six things that you can do to fight back,to change the equation to take ownership,of this and put pressure right back on,these insurance companies so you got to,watch all the way through to the end,because its not like you can take thing,number three or thing number two its,really a six step process thats going,to give you,i think the best chance at getting the,insurance company to do,exactly what they should have done all,along which is to get you in a rental,car,to fix your car so you can get on with,your life so you can get your medical,treatment let me talk about that for a,second thats another thing,they dont want you to have easy access,to medical treatment,why,because in any single case what theyll,say when it comes down to it theyll say,it in front of a jury theyll say it to,a judge is you know,this person couldnt be that hurt,because they didnt seek treatment for,three weeks,or,they only went to one urgent care over,the course of the first month they cant,be that hurt if they were really really,hurt theyd go to the doctor more,and,you know theyre not what theyre not,going to say because its not admit or,its not admissible its like well i,couldnt go because they were delaying,my property property damage claim and i,didnt have a car theyre just going to,hammer that over and over and over they,want this so this is this is a game to,them to make money to profit off of your,pain,so,just be aware of what your what it is,youre dealing with and no its not any,mistake its not like you have some bad,adjuster this is a plan this is,something we see from every single,insurance company,right,now the number one thing is maybe,something you dont expect,ask if you can record the call and now,depending upon what state youre in some,parties its one-party consent some,parties its two-party consent but,always ask if you can record the call,because,insurance companies know this when you,call them youre going to get a message,before you get on with any insurance,company representative that says this,call is being recorded for quality uh,and assurance purposes i i hear that uh,you know seven eight times a day every,single day uh of my professional life,they record all of these calls well turn,the table on them tell them that you are,not,uh youre not just going to go along,with what they say theyve got to,respect you,and say you know can i record this call,okay its going to make them a little,uncomfortable but its also going to,send a message and its also going to,serve a,purpose which were going to get to in,point number four but ask them can i,record this call many phones,you know theres apps to record calls or,it may be built into the app that youre,using im not going to go into the,technical details but go to your apple,or android app store look for look for,apps and but make sure you know to ask,them initially because i want you to,send that message to them that you mean,business,point number two is to ask,if,theyre insured gave a statement let me,repeat that,ask them ask the insurance company if,theyre insured the person who hit you,the person who caused your car accident,gave them a reported statement,now insurance companies if youre if,youve made it this far an insurance,company has probably asked you for a,recorded statement now you do not have,to give them a recorded statement if,they are not your insurance company and,they do this fo

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Safeco Insurance Company Review!

hi my name is bo pilgrim with vote nose,insurance and read insurance today im,going to provide you a review of safeco,insurance company now im both an agent,for them but im also a client of theirs,look ive been working in insurance for,over 28 years and ive worked with a lot,of insurance companies,i have been a client of safeco,as a client for over 14 years now so im,going to give you a review both as an,agent and also as a client so you can,have a better picture of who safeco is,and why its one of our favorite,companies that we like to work with,here at reed insurance,in the states of louisiana texas,arkansas and mississippi,so lets dive into it let me tell you a,little bit about them first i want to,talk to you about them as a company,safe coat as a company,you know one of the things i like about,them is that they,they dont fluctuate a lot and what i,mean by that is they are very consistent,with their underwriting and their rating,we dont see a lot of change in them,with the things that they rate for,things that make them nervous or you,know is i guess theres a way you could,put it like you know they dont change a,lot from what they will write this year,versus what theyll write next year,they also their rates dont change a lot,from year to year yes they do have rate,changes sometimes they increase,sometimes they decrease,but they dont change drastically from,year to year and they seem to stay,pretty consistent from year to year you,know as i said ive been with them for,14 years,ive been very happy over that period of,time,you know what are some other things that,i like about them you know theyre able,to provide all the different policies,that i need as a client so i dont have,to use other,companies and mix and match coverages,because its really its always best to,have your coverages with one agent and,one company if you can,because there may be some sort of,situation where maybe youre not you,know theres a vague area with your,policies well,you need that same agent so that they,can take care of all those different,policies for you so they can be aware of,that and then also if youve got them,with the same company,youre going to eliminate that potential,threat,well,some other things i like about them is,just theyre just good people,safeco is one of those companies that,they give back,you know they pay it forward you know,thats one of the catchphrases right you,know they pay it forward they,they are active in our communities by,funneling money through different sorts,of uh charity things like all insurance,all companies give money,well instead of them just picking,whatever charities that they want,theyve decided to funnel that through,their client or through their agents,that they have aligned with,and,they will you know they have already,budgeted how much they want to give um,in charity which is a great thing for,all companies to do and for everybody to,do,well they do it through their agents so,that the money comes back to the local,communities where the agents work you,know our agency has,one of the owners has a charity called,operation grits where they organize,gifts to be given to soldiers during,christmas time when theyre serving,overseas that way we just let them know,hey we love you guys we care about you,guys and were you know trying to take,care of you while youre over there,protecting our freedoms,well,they have given money to that,organization several different times so,that we can continue to provide that,benefit to those soldiers that are,protecting our freedoms and also,protecting you know the freedoms of,other peoples around the world,so theyre really just great people,some other things about them that i,really like and that,are really specific to the policy types,that they offer one of them is the auto,policy so lets talk about that so the,auto insurance that they provide you,know its its a standard home its a,standard auto policy with some,enhancements to it that help provide,a better than average auto policy they,have different tiers that actually if,you,if you stay with them for a period of,time and you dont have claims your,deductibles will actually decrease over,time another thing is theyll actually,give you cash back,over time as you dont have claims,theyll give you claims forgiveness also,so like the first claim that you have,they will forgive that incident,so it does not become a chargeable claim,to you,another thing that they got is theyve,got the right track program now youve,heard about these different types of,programs where either you plug something,in g car or you have a,app on your mobile device yourself you,know your iphone or your android phone,and that will monitor your driving for a,certain period of time well,based off of your driving they will give,you a discount well heres the thing,with them,some insurance companies potentially,your rate can go up,not with not with safeco,they will give you depending on the,state youre in you know those states of,louisiana texas arkansas mississippi,youre gonna get a minimum a five,percent discount just for trying,even if youre a lousy driver and you,get all kinds of vital you know and you,get you know you come back and it says,oh you should have you should have been,surcharged theyre not going to,surcharge you theyre still going to,give you at least that five percent,discount just because you tried it,but on average our clients get around,about 18 discount per car,for using right track,you just put it on your phone and you,drive for a little while it will give,you updates about how youre doing you,can make it as a game with your family,you know to see whos doing the best,and,all the while youre impro youre,improving your driving habits and,saving money that you will keep for the,life of your policy look if you got a,vehicle this year,you sell it you get another vehicle that,will transfer to your new vehicle you,keep it for the life of your policy,ive had that right track discount on my,policy for years and years and years,even though ive changed vehicles,another thing is the homeowner policy,the homeowner policy you can get a,thousand dollar deductible,without having a separate wind and held,deductible in those coastal states that,i mentioned you know in arkansas,louisiana mississippi and texas you can,get a standard thousand dollar,deductible without having to have a,separate wind and hell deductible in,those states,they will write almost in any any area,within those states as well,um,so thats another great thing about them,their homeowner is very broad,you can get replacement costs on your,content some of the policies dont offer,that you can also get,you know increased perils on your,contents with some of those you cant,get theres a lot of other additions,that you can add such as water backups,sewer backup uh also scheduling,different things such as you know guns,or jewelry or golf clubs and all those,other different things that you can add,onto that policy to make that policy,really broad,what was some of the other things well,they have a single deductible option,what does that mean,if you have your home and your auto with,them,and you have a claim,and it affects both your cars and your,house you pay,one deductible,only one they dont apply the deductible,for the house and also the cars you only,pay,one deductible and thats a great,benefit that could save you easily a,thousand dollars or maybe several,thousand dollars in the event you have a,claim,well some other things that i like about,them is that i can get all the different,things that i own and i need insurance,for covered by them listen they provide,auto,home,atv,rv,boat,jet ski,and umbrella policies they provide all,the different things as well as also,scheduling the different things that you,need such as again like i said before,you know your silverware your jewelry,your,fine china your any sort of collectibles,you have,any guns that you may have you know all,those different things you can get,covered through safeco

Safeco Insurance Reviews – Safeco Insurance Claims @ Pissed Consumer Interview

(Video) Nexsure Features Overview

I would say very simply that I was,defrauded through the actions of Kent,Stiles who represents Safeco insurance,and Vince Paglia who is the president of,protech construction and this was this,was their intention from the beginning I,[Music],had a treatment fall on my bedroom on,Earth Day 2016,I called Safeco whos my insurer to,report the claim about five minutes,after it happened and it took them 19,days to respond when they did respond,the first adjuster on the case said an,engineer and appraise are out here and,they assess the damages and settled the,claim for $48,000 I called in to make a,complaint about the fact that my,insurance coverage was about to be,cancelled while I was in midst of the,claim because somehow or another a,mortgage company had gotten access to my,insurance papers and put them settles on,it as a lien holder now I had been,through probate and my home was awarded,to me free and clear no codes were made,against the estate and so this mortgage,company really had no right to do what,they did but Safeco upheld them in it,and that first $48,000 was made in a,check with both my name and this,mortgage companys name on it I sent,them to check and they kept them wrapped,and put them into,a draw file so that the contractor could,make the repairs they just kept the,money and so a second Esther came on the,scene he was the one who responded to my,questions about how did this company get,themselves back on my insurance and this,man,sent another adjuster a gesture and the,contractor to my home I thought they,were to do the repairs when they got,here they said oh youre home cant be,repaired,you have no foundation the whole thing,will have to be torn down and so,supposedly they they were given this,mandate by building and safety Los,Angeles County Building and Safety who,allegedly put out a house red tag and,that was supposed to justify my home,being torn down so theres the thing,that I dont think a lot of consumed to,know about and that is that there is a,confidential relationship between the,insurance adjuster and the contractors,that relationship cannot be broached,even by a consumer so theyre pretty,much able to do whatever they want so,when I spoke with the second adjuster,whose name is Kent Stiles hes the one,thats done all of these things he,assured me that you know everything was,fine but all the paperwork had been,approved and that I was going at a new,house so I was given a,contract to side-by protect that said,they were going to repair my home I was,supposed to be out of my home for three,to six months when I was out of my home,past that time I notified the Insurance,Commission that I thought something was,wrong and as we continued along things,only got worse every time I would say to,Kent Stiles theres something wrong here,he ignored me anytime I told the field,adjuster there was something wrong here,she ignored me any time I told the,contractor somethings wrong here he,ignored me and finally got to December,of 2017 when my family and I were forced,to move into the replacement structure,because I wouldnt really call it a,house and its and they built it with no,plans thats the major thing so they,used planned drawings of my old house,and claim those were used to build the,new house so I have repeatedly asked the,Insurance Commission to get documents,that should have been in my claim file,to me specifically I have asked for the,itemized statements that accompanied all,seven of the checks that were paid to,protect construction I have only one of,those itemized statements and its for,over $80,000 and its for things that do,not exist here for services that were,not performed here and so I asked Kent,Styles to please provide me with the,remainder of those statements and he,wont do it I also asked him to provide,me with the documentation that would,have superseded,the engineering report that in the claim,file said the only thing damaged was,that one room and thats why the claim,was settled for $48,000 just for one,room so I asked him to send me the whole,house red tag he has not done so I,contacted Building and Safety here and,asked them to provide it so they are,supposedly researching it right now and,essentially we were forced to have our,home destroyed and then forced to move,into something that is totally,inadequate they reported none of the,changes to underwriting I did that uh,and theyve caused my taxes to go,sky-high when I guess it was the,contractor reported to the County,Assessors Office that I had 816 square,feet of housing here when the only 585,Oh so Ive spent the last year,attempting to make corrections wherever,I could and to and to get documents that,would support or or not what they did,here one thing I would like to achieve,is alerting other consumers about their,rights and about the relationships that,exist between contractors and adjusters,because most consumers dont know their,rights,[Music],[Applause],[Music],you

Safeco Right Track Review. Is it worth it?

so youre debating if the safeco right,track is a good fit for you,are you going to save the 30 discount,that they talk about,and what are the odds of you actually,going down in,cost or up in cost today were going to,go over that were going to go over the,things i love about the safeco right,track and some things that you need to,know about it as well,before you join before i dive into the,right track i want to thank greg for,being a supporter of the channel who,went to the buy,a cup of coffee for me and he says,thanks for the great info,uh you put out there for us i appreciate,greg,thank you for the cups of coffee they,will definitely go to good use,so what is a safeco right track and how,is it going to benefit you,well its not a plug-in device anymore,unless you live in new york,or new jersey where they technically,still have that available,the safe go right track is now an app,that you download similar to the other,reviews that weve done,with aaa and state farm and progressive,so far as far as the right track systems,or the snapshots or the,save safe and drive and all those,systems progressive is leading the,charge with,the best system where they let you test,drive it ahead of time,before you join them as a company now,im assuming that most people that watch,this video are already with safeco,since safeco is actually one of my,favorite companies theyre owned by,liberty mutual theyve been around for a,long time,they really mainly work with exclusive,agents so youve got an opportunity,not to just check safeco but you can,check all the other companies like,progressive and,aaa and citizens and safeco in the mix,theres a ton of options for you when,youre going that route first off if you,go to their website you,they claim that you can earn up to 513,off per year in your policy fairly rare,of a situation but its possible,its kind of like one of those,commercials where you see an ad and they,give you 19,a month for insurance you click on it,and its 30 times that price,its because each individual person is,rated specifically and if you have a,household full of people where theres,three four or five drivers,the odds are that one of those drivers,is not going to be the greatest,thatll kind of adjust the score which,well get into later on in this video,so what does this right track system,actually check well its just like,every other one that theyve got theyre,checking your braking,theyre checking your acceleration,theyre checking the times that you,drive at night,and theyre checking the total miles,driven now its actually a fairly new,add-on as far as the mileage goes,but lets dive into those three,categories the brakings pretty well,known,what they say in most videos and all the,companies is if your head,moves when you brake then youre braking,too hard if you have to stop for a deer,or a car crossing thats,cutting into your way or you just stop,heavy every time you come to a stop sign,that safeco right track is going to,track that,and will adjust your score whether,youre braking hard,or easy it will let you know in the app,what youre doing so you can adjust the,way that you drive the acceleration is,the opposite and when you,take off from a start if your head goes,backwards youre driving too fast to,start this is one of the reasons,im not really the best fit for some of,these tracking system,i like to brake hard and i like to drive,fast so would i save money in this,system the night time driving,is actually for nighttime driving the,typical hours that weve driven although,i didnt see theirs but its typically,between,midnight and 4 a.m is the times that,they dont want you to drive,theres some correlation where theyve,seen that theres more accidents its,possible theres more,drunk drivers on the road or people that,are driving irregular,or just the times that youre driving,are heavier risk,and its not so much that its a heavier,risk because theres usually less people,on the road,its the accidents that occur at those,times,are more medically induced claims which,are the highest payouts in insurance,well it used to be the old way where,youd plug in a device in the car you,could let your car sit for 90 days,and youd be fine it wouldnt notice it,well now because its on your phone its,going to watch everywhere you drive,youre going to be able to tell it if,youre a passenger or not which is great,but it also needs to drive at least 125,miles,thats not very far but you have to,drive some short distance,in order to actually qualify for this,discount well i know i claimed that they,can save up to 513 dollars before well i,dug in a little bit further and i,noticed that the,average savings with their little,asterisks across the policy and each,policy is different and the values and,all that whatnot,and the average savings is 171 dollars,per year which is actually pretty,impressive if you could knock off,dollars a year on your car insurance,just for taking a quick test drive for,90 days,do you think youd do it so how exactly,does the discounting work,it starts off with 10 percent off your,policy right away,you instantly get 10 off whether youre,just starting with the company or youve,been with them for a while,thats just the bonus to try the program,as you go,its going to track and give you,different ratings on how youre driving,the most you can get on this program is,30 off,now before i go into my recommendations,whether i recommend that you guys try,this or not,i wanted to go over some of the reviews,and i was actually,really shocked at what i found at first,glance if you look at these reviews,youre going to notice that it says you,get a 4.6,out of 5 star thats amazing and thats,for the people that average 4 plus years,old,theyve had 13 000 ratings on the app,store,i also went into the google play store,and its very very similar to these,results as well,i believe its like a 4.3 out of 5 stars,however if you look at more recent,reviews,i was actually shocked at how many,people hate this device,so at the time that i was looking at,this i looked at the last,several reviews and i was like why is,there so many one stars on here,so i actually went from the top and,started counting them,out of 11 stars 11 reviews,nine of them gave it a one star now,theres something wrong,when the most recent reviews have the,one stars its not a glitch in the,system i dont think its a hump because,if you keep,scrolling theres a few three stars and,theres a few five stars but more often,than not,over the last several months this right,track has been getting,worse and worse reviews heres what,people are saying,it seems like you would rather drivers,hit somebody than go through a red light,than a medium tap on their brakes,also you keep into consideration out,that those that drive at night,their nighttime driving would of course,be up because then when its work,this app rates poor unfairly people,unfairly,the very next one i have 90 great,ratings,a couple okay and then a couple good but,the app is only giving me an overall,score of good,i get okay ratings for the app thinking,i hit the brakes too hard,only one time or i get an okay rating if,it hits my gas too hard,only one time this way averages,everything is done poorly if a car pulls,in front of you you need to brake harder,than normal,the signal light changes it is a bad,thing i dont know why they gave it four,stars and then gave a bad review,im not gonna go further but ill show,you guys that most of these are one star,lets just go from the top at this,current time so this was re-ran i just,redid this,separate from last night but they got,the most recent ones at the time of this,video was three stars one stars five,one one four which actually gave a bad,review,one one one one one one three,two one four three one two,two two three one one one,one one two one five and it continues,like that,thats actually the common that im,seeing so i dug in a little bit further,to find out what was the real reason,that all of a sudden these ratings were,well

Never Buy This Car Insurance

Rev up your engines,today Im going to talk a car insurance company,that you should not buy car insurance from,now of course all car insurance and all insurance,companies are out to make a profit, they takeyour premiums and try to get them as high,as they can, then they try to pay out as littleas possible to make a profit, those giant,insurance company towers like the AIG onethats 3 blocks from here didnt get built,for free, it wasnt jack and the bean stalk,its your insurance premiums that made them,make a lot of money, to build those buildingsand to pay themselves a lot, and to give you,an example of my own personal car insurance,Ive been driving for 45 years, well over,$70,000 in car insurance premiums, and overthose 45 years the claims that I put in and,got paid for, Im a good driver, came downto less than $6,000, so do the math who came,out, the insurance company did, they cameout like bank robbers, if you take all the,other insurance that Ive paid in the last45 years, house insurance, health insurance,,and car insurance, your talking over $240,000that I gave to insurance companies, I have,had claims paid for the house for hurricanedamage and health stuff done to me of less,than $40,000 total, they made $200,000 offof me, so realize these insurance companies,are making a lot of money, look at all theadvertising they do, hey they spend hundreds,of millions of dollars advertising to tryto get you to give them money so they can,make more profit, so Im going to show youwhich car company is the worst one that you,shouldnt deal with for buying car insurance,and the winner of this competition or should,I say loser, Mapfre, you may have never heardof them but they insure lots of things for,other people, Mapfre is a spanish companyso why am I talking about it, well they bought,a massachusetts only company called commerceinsurance, this was in 2008 then the commerce,joined mapfre huge worldwide insurance thathas more than 50,000 agents, Im not making,this up, 50,000 insurance agents, now thisparticular company serves mainly the new england,area in the US, but worldwide their in over49 countries serving over 35 million people,,and at least here in the US if you think biggeris better, not in this case, they have so,many complaints against them, they have complaintsthat they kept billing customers even though,they cancelled the insurance, of keep jackingup peoples rates even though they havent,been in any accidents, and even not payingfor work at a body shop when people had their,cars wrecked, they just flat out refused topay, as a mechanic I see this happening with,many different insurance companies, I remembergoing to a customer once to a state farm,,and all I heard the agent in his private office,Id pick up the phone and say, oh Im sorry,your not covered for that, oh Im sorry yournot covered for that, you know they want to,make in as much as they can and pay out aslittle as possible, and make you jump through,hoops half the time to get something thatyouve already paid for, now another company,thats known for being a poor insurance companyused for cars is Metlife, yeah their like,the largest life insurance sellers in theUS, metlife had $2.5 trillion in policies,written the last time I checked, well of courselike everybody else in big business they get,greedy, now of course theyve expanded intocar insurance and stuff, and from my customers,experience and others that Ive met, theyoften do a horrible job insuring cars, I had,a customer who was quoted $250 a month whichis high enough, and then when they got their,bill it was actually $500 something, and theyjust said of we made a mistake when we gave,you a quote so heres what you owe us now,I had another customer with metlife, they,had no accidents for 5 years, they just hadtheir insurance policy raised by 25%, so they,called up and said whats up I didnt getin any accidents, and they said well thats,the way it is and were going to cancel yourpolicy when its over because we dont like,your attitude, these insurance companies arehuge they can basically do as they please,,they take in all the premium money, of courseits to their advantage to pay out as little,as possible, but in many places its law thatyou have to have car insurance, now here in,the state of texas it isnt law, if you canprove financial responsibility like if you,have more than $200,000 in the bank or something,you can use that has proof of insurance if,you want to, but of course the whole pointof the insurance company is they try to scare,you and saying that oh your safe your coverednow, well they make a fortune because its,all done through math, they cant lose, wheneversomething bad happens then they just raise,the rates in the future, like here in Houstonlast time we had a big hurricane, guess what,all the insurance rates went up, and theyput a disclaimers in every one that would,say, oh the first $20,000 of hurricane damageyou have to pay for thats the deductible,only for hurricane damage, so you dont wantto use a bad company, its bad enough that,your giving them a ton of your money, whensomething bad does happen, hey you want them,to pay for the damage that was done and notraise your rates, but unfortunately thats,how a lot of these companies work, Ill giveyou my own personal example, I had one car,insurance and they made a mistake and insteadof emailing me the bill for the year they,emailed it to my wife, so I didnt see it,Ive been with this company for 10 years,,then they dropped me because they said, wellyou didnt pay, and I said well I didnt get,a bill, I didnt get one in the mail, theysaid oh we only do it online now, I said well,who did you email it to, and they mailed itto my wifes email, I said Im the one paying,it, its my email you should have mailed itto me, so they dropped me, then I went all,over the place trying to buy insurance andthey said, oh well you had a lapse in coverage,and now we want $4,500 a year instead of the$900 that I was paying, so I finally got liberty,mutual they decided they were going to giveme a policy, and it was more than Id been,paying before it was like $1,200 a year, andbefore I was paying less than $1,000, but,I had no accidents the year I was with them,and then the next year they raised it 25%,for no reason whatsoever, but then funny enough,like I said these huge corporations one side,doesnt know what the other is doing, my originalcompany that dropped me because they said,I had a lapse in coverage and they wouldntcover me, they kept sending me a little credit,card thing that says, oh well give you agood deal, so I went back to them and got,the price that I had in the original placefrom the company that said they didnt want,to insure my anymore then they kept sendingme things that say of we want to insure you,,it crazy they way these companies operate,now Im sure a lot of people out there have,a problem with their insurance companies too,Ill give a mention to farmers their a pretty,bad insurance company, Ive had customershave problems getting claims paid from them,and then having their rates jacked up if theyget in a little fender bender, a lot of them,they just dont care about you, but at leastnow you know two of them that you should stay,away from and when your in the market forbuying insurance asks your friends what experiences,they have, just dont go out and buy it randomly,because you dont want to be stuck with one,of these bad companies that when you do getin a pinch a something happens, they make,you go through a lot of hoops to get somethingthat youve already paid for, so if you never,want to miss another one of my new car repairvideos, remember to ring that bell

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