Sell your car in Mississippi | Cash for cars up to $13,900 (2022)

Junk cars for cash in Mississippi with free pickup.

  1. Sell us your used, wrecked, broken, or rusted junk car and get cash!
  2. Junk car removal and towing is always included in your cash offer.
  3. We are Mississippi's top junk car and truck buyer.

Mississippi is at the heart of the deep south. Known for blues music, catfish, and the mighty Mississippi River, there is no other place as quintessentially southern. The thick humid air and oppressive heat has been known to take a real toll on cars in the region. If you have an old junk car that no longer runs, was involved in an accident, or you just need to sell it quickly, The Clunker Junker can help! We pay cash for cars in Mississippi regardless of their age or condition, as long as they are complete.

From Biloxi to Oxford, we buy more junk cars in Mississippi than anyone else. That means we can pay you top dollar for your car, and provide the fastest and most professional service possible. Even if your car isn’t quite as beautiful to look at as the state’s famous Magnolias, we’ll still make an offer on it. But we haven’t even mentioned the best part yet: When we buy junk cars in Mississippi, we always pick them up and tow them away completely free of charge! You won’t have to figure out how to sell your junk car that no longer runs, because we’ll haul it away for you.

Rather than try and dump your old junk car into the Mississippi river, give The Clunker Junker a call instead. We’re the #1 junk car buyer in the state because we treat our customers fairly and provide unparalleled customer service. Other junk car buyers in Mississippi are just looking to make a quick buck, we are looking to make you happy and dispose of your junk car.

Sell your car in Mississippi | Cash for cars up to $13,900 (1)

Sell your car in Mississippi | Cash for cars up to $13,900 (2)

Sell your car in Mississippi | Cash for cars up to $13,900 (3)

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Get Cash for Your Junk Car in Mississippi

You can start the process to sell your junk car in Mississippi right now. Give us a few details, accept our offer and then we’ll pick up your car.

  1. Give Us the Details on Your Car

    When you answer a few questions about your car’s make, model, year and condition, we can make you a fair offer. With this information we’ll find the right buyer for the rotting car that has been stuck on your property all these years.

  2. Accept an Instant Cash Offer

    We'll ask a few routine questions to give you an instant offer in most cases. You'll make you a fair offer based on market prices and towing distance and that there won’t be any fees. The offer you accept is the cash you’ll get when we pick up your car.


  3. We Pick Up Your Clunker

    All we need is the address to pick up the vehicle, the title if available, and for you to remove your plates. Selling junk cars for cash in Mississippi has never been so convenient. You don’t have to worry about towing at all, one of our junk car buyers will be over to pick up your car in just a few days or less.

So how much can you sell a junk car for in Mississippi?

The condition of your car, it’s year, make and model all play a factor in providing you with an honest, and fair offer. This is how we determine the value of your car, and how we help Mississippi junk car buyers find cars that fit their needs.

Beyond Junk

If your junk car can’t start, won’t drive or is otherwise singing the blues, we understand. We work with auto salvage yards to help get rid of the cars that don’t serve any purpose. These are the cars that have sat for years rotting away and are truly junk. We buy cars in this state frequently, so don’t hesitate to check out your offer. We can often pay between $50 and $200 for vehicles in this category.

Beyond Repair

Most cars fit into the “beyond repair” category. Cars in a moderate state of disrepair often have many useful parts. Sometimes they’re more valuable because they have parts the manufacturer no longer produces. In the Magnolia State, you can get a decent offer on cars that are beyond repair.

Not bad, but you want it gone quickly.

Unfortunately, a lot of cars that end up in this category are relatively new and had an unfortunate accident. Insurance companies label cars as junk because they identify that the cost of repairs may be more than the blue book value. These cars are still worth something, and it’s not likely that they will end up in junk yards.

We have put together a simple guide and example for how to sign your Mississippi title when you are selling your vehicle. If there are multiple owners listed on the title, they must all sign the title unless the names are separated with "OR".

  1. On the back of a Mississippi title is a section that says "Assignment of title by registered owner"; this is where you should sign. Do not sign anything where it says reassignment by licensed dealer.
  2. First sign the back of the title where indicated by "Seller: Signature(s)".
    Always sign in pen on the seller line and never sign in the dealer section.
  3. Print (don't sign) your name on the back of the title where it reads "Seller: Printed Name(s)".
    Always include any and all middle names or initials that are used in the owner section.
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The process for getting a duplicate or replacement Mississippi title is fairly simple. If the vehicle was last titled in a state other than Mississippi you must apply for a duplicate title in the previous state. The registered owner should do the following:

  1. Fill out the Mississippi application for replacement certificate of title or the Fast track version for expedited processing (additional fees apply).
  2. Or, fill out the Mississippi Application for Vehicle Title form.
  3. Bring your completed application to your local DPS office.1-5187
  4. Please note that there is a 10 to 14 day waiting period before a duplicate title can be issued and the cost is $9.00. To receive your title in 72 hours, there is an additional $39.00 fee for "Fast Track" service.

Getting rid of an abandoned vehicle in Mississippi can be a difficult process. Unfortunately, you cannot just sell any junk car that ends up on your property if you do not own it. You'll need to follow the Mississippi abandoned vehicle removal procedures. We have given a general overview of what that entails below.

You can read more about selling an abandoned vehicle in Mississippi

  1. To have a vehicle removed from your private property, you must contact your local law enforcement office.
  2. To sell a vehicle that has been abandoned on your private property, you must contact your local Mississippi State Tax Commission to retrieve name and address of the last registered owner of the abandoned vehicle.
    The seller of the abandoned vehicle must notify the last registered owner of the vehicle by certified mail no less than (10) ten days before the date of scheduled sale. If the certified mail has returned undeliverable, the seller is required to publish a posting in a newspaper of popular publication to the area for a minimum of (3) three weeks.
  3. The party selling an abandoned vehicle is required to submit an Affidavit of Abandonment to the Mississippi State Tax Commission along with documentation of the procedural requirements to sell an abandoned vehicle.

Frequently asked questions

Can you buy cars without a title in Mississippi?

Yes, we can sometimes buy vehicles without a title. However, our no-title offers are generally much lower and we cannot guarantee we’ll be able to buy every vehicle. It is up to the discretion of our buyers. At minimum they will usually require you to prove you own the vehicle by showing a photo ID that matches a non-expired registration and or insurance.

What if my title doesn’t look like the one pictured?

Mississippi often changes their title documents from year to year. If you have questions about your specific title, please contact your Mississippi DPS.

Do I need to turn in my license plates?

Yes, unless you are transferring the plates to a new vehicle. You can return the plates to your local DPS office.

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What should I do about my auto insurance?

You will need to notify your auto insurance company that you have sold the vehicle so they can either cancel your policy if the vehicle was sold, or transfer/renew the policy on your new vehicle.

Is there anything else I need to do?

You may need to notify your local DoR that you have sold the vehicle. You can contact them with any additional questions or concerns about the transfer of your title.

We Buy Junk Cars Throughout Mississippi Fast and Free

Stop wasting your time trying to sell a junk car on websites like Craigslist, or dealing with scrupulous junkyards in Mississippi. The Clunker Junker will never waste your time or try and take advantage of you when we buy junk cars. We pride ourselves on a solid reputation. What do you have to lose? Our instant offers are fast and free, so get one today!

  • Sell your car in Mississippi | Cash for cars up to $13,900 (6)

    "The interior is in good condition, and the body is in really good condition. The engine bad is bad and in pieces. The transmission is in good condition as well along with the rest of the truck. "

  • Sell your car in Mississippi | Cash for cars up to $13,900 (7)

    "The car runs but is very risky to drive now. The battery is dead. I have spent over $500 on fixing it, and I have driven it across the country from moving. It finally died on me, so I'm looking to get a decent cash offer for junking it to purchase new car."

  • Sell your car in Mississippi | Cash for cars up to $13,900 (8)

    "It's not a bad car. It just finally broke down, and I need it gone. I think it needs a new transmission. It has one flat tire from being parked in the garage a lot as the years have gone on. It needs a new panel. I can email you pictures."

    (Video) Simplifying the car selling process #shorts #cars #information #oklahoma

  • Sell your car in Mississippi | Cash for cars up to $13,900 (9)

    "The vehicle needs a front-end alignment. One tire is bald. I do believe that the front passenger caliper is seized. I was told that the exhaust needs to be fixed, and it could use a tune up and an oil change. "

  • Sell your car in Mississippi | Cash for cars up to $13,900 (10)

    "The driver-side window is damaged, and there's a small crack in the windshield. It's my wife's car. I'm junking it because she is in hospice. Everything still works, it drives well, and the air is excellent. It has new brakes, exhaust and a new power steering system."

  • Sell your car in Mississippi | Cash for cars up to $13,900 (11)

    "I just had a valve job done on the top half of the engine. I did not know that it would blow out the bottom half. It has brand-new valves that have never been driven on. I was in the process of rebuilding the car, so it has a lot of new things like a new starter, alternator and harmonic balancer. The tires are also new with less than 30 miles on them. The car is in great shape."

What are you waiting for? Get and instant offer now!


Do you get more money selling your car privately? ›

Selling privately means you might get more for your car than you would from a dealer. But might be time consuming. If you want another car straight away, part exchanging with a dealer is might be a better option.

What paperwork do I need to sell my car privately in Mississippi? ›

What paperwork do I need to privately sell a car in Mississippi?
  • Certificate of Title.
  • Affidavit of Sale Under Lien, if applicable (form 78010178)
  • Bill of Sale (Optional)
  • Odometer Disclosure (form 78015), if applicable.

How honest should you be when selling a car? ›

It's always best to be totally honest about your car's condition to prospective buyers. If you're selling privately, an unhappy buyer could end up suing if they think you were trying to hide something wrong with the vehicle.

What should I keep in mind when selling a car? ›

Even so, you'll want to keep some essential things top of mind.
  1. Screen Callers Thoroughly. ...
  2. Take Precautions with the Test Drive. ...
  3. Ensure a Safe Transaction. ...
  4. Maintain a Paper Trail. ...
  5. Block Out Your Personal Information. ...
  6. Complete the Title Transfer. ...
  7. How to Avoid Scams and Fraud When Selling Your Car.

Where is the best place to sell your car? ›

  • Autotrader: Great for getting eyes on your listing.
  • CarGurus: Great for a quick offer.
  • Facebook Marketplace: Great for selling to a private party.
  • eBay Motors: Great for marketing your vehicle to a large audience.
  • Carvana: Great for no-hassle selling.
  • Ask an expert about selling a car online.
Aug 10, 2022

Do you get more for trade in or selling? ›

Trading in

You will get less money than selling it yourself. At best, you should expect to get the vehicle's wholesale value. You can use the trade-in amount as the down payment on the new car. To get the best price, you will probably have to haggle with an experienced salesperson over the trade-in value.

Is a bill of sale required in Mississippi? ›

Mississippi doesn't require a bill of sale when buying or selling a car. However, you can use a generic template for your records. Just be sure to include the purchase price of the vehicle, the date of sale, a full description of the car (including the VIN), and the current odometer reading.

Is a bill of sale legal in Mississippi? ›

Is a bill of sale required in Mississippi? A bill of sale is required by law for vehicle title transfers in the state. Many dealers provide a signed invoice stamped “bill of sale” which the State of Mississippi will accept.

Is it better to repair a car before selling it? ›

Your financial situation is a major factor when debating between repairing or selling a car. If your car has a lot of life left and a good value, repairing it is likely a good decision. If your car isn't worth the cost of the repairs, you might be better off selling it.

How do you avoid being scammed when selling a car? ›

Tips for avoiding scams when selling your car
  1. Meet with buyers in person, preferably with someone you trust. When you speak with someone online, they could be on the other side of town or the other side of the world. ...
  2. Only accept cash or certified checks. ...
  3. Consider an escrow account for out-of-area buyers.

Is selling a car hard? ›

While selling cars isn't as labor intensive as it used to be, pursuing a car sales career may still come with long hours and challenging responsibilities. Most car salespeople work an average of 40 hours a week with a lot of potential for overtime.

Should I detail my car before selling to CarMax? ›

How important is it to have a clean or detailed car before I bring it to CarMax? There's no need to spend a lot of money on professional detailing before you visit us. We're not as concerned about minor imperfections as we are about how your car has been cared for over time. Learn how CarMax determines your offer.

How do I market my car for sale? ›

6 Tips for a Successful Car Dealership Marketing Campaign
  1. Understand Your Target Audience. ...
  2. Build the Brand of Your Salespeople. ...
  3. Update Your Online Presence. ...
  4. Media Spend Should Flexibly Adapt to Industry Trends. ...
  5. Watch Your Online Reviews. ...
  6. Gauge the Quality of Customer Interaction.

Will car prices go down? ›

Don't expect car prices to drop significantly anytime soon. Instead, new-vehicle prices — already at record highs — will remain elevated, automotive experts say. At the same time, used-vehicle pricing should moderate as the Federal Reserve continues raising interest rates to curb inflation.

Which is better CarMax or Carvana? ›

Which Is Better: Carvana or CarMax? Carvana is a better option if you look for convenience and ease of use in your purchases and trades. On the other hand, CarMax is ideal for people who want to test drive the car beforehand and who do not mind going to their nearest CarMax location to do it.

Does CarMax stick to their online offer? ›

We provide real offers, both online and in-store, and all of our offers are good for 7 days. If you have an online offer to redeem, bring it to any CarMax store. Once we verify that your car's condition matches the information we received online, you'll leave with payment in hand.

Are car prices going down in 2022? ›

Used car prices are already starting to drop as the market cools, having seemingly peaked in early 2022. On the other hand, new vehicle prices are unlikely to drop in 2022 due to persistent inflationary pressures. “There's still a lot of inflation bubbling up in the new vehicle supply chain.

Does CarMax give more than trade in value? ›

However, if you sell your car to a dealer like Carmax or Carvana or trade it in on another vehicle, you will receive its wholesale value, which is always lower. Wholesale values and trade-in values are essentially the same thing.

Is it a good time to buy a car in 2022? ›

While soaring used car prices are bad for those who can't afford a new car, they may mean 2022 is a good time to buy a car for those with a vehicle to trade in. A high trade-in price means added capital that can help reduce the finance share of purchasing a new car.

Does Mississippi require notarized bill of sale? ›

A Mississippi motor vehicle bill of sale is a document that proves the legal sale of a motor vehicle and the change of its ownership. The form provides information about the seller, the buyer, and the vehicle that is for sale. The bill of sale is often needed for vehicle registration. It does require notarization.

How long can someone leave a car on your property before it becomes yours in Mississippi? ›

A sixty (60) day hold will be placed on the vehicle title record in order to protect the person or entity's interest in the vehicle.

Can you sell a car without a title in Mississippi? ›

Can I Sell a Car in Mississippi Without a Title? Mississippi requires a title to sell a vehicle. If your title is lost, duplicate titles can be obtained from the Department of Revenue.

Does a title need to be notarized Mississippi? ›

Generally, the title transfer requirements include: The current title, the assignment filled in by the donor or seller, and notarized. A complete application for the replacement certificate of title. An odometer declaration, if the car is less than 10 years old.

How do you fill out a title when you sell a car in Mississippi? ›

Mississippi Title Instructions *SELLER* Instructions - YouTube

How do I transfer a car title to a family member in Mississippi? ›

Complete an Application for Mississippi Title and License (Form 78-002). This form can be obtained from your local MS tax collector's office. Visit your local MS DOR office. Pay the appropriate vehicle title transfer and registration fees, as well as all applicable taxes.

How do I get a bonded title in Mississippi? ›

How do I get my bonded title? The state of Mississippi requires that a person applying for a replacement or bonded title for his or her car must first purchase a certificate of title bond. To get the replacement title, you must also fill out Form 78-006 and pay a $9 fee to the Mississippi Department of Revenue.

What do I need to get a tag in Mississippi? ›

  1. Payment of all fees. ( taxes, registration, title transfer, etc. are due at the time of registration)
  2. State issued photo identification.
  3. Special Tag Proof (if you wish to have a special tag)
  4. Power of Attorney Form (if somebody else is appearing for you to sign title applications)

Do you need a tag on a utility trailer in Mississippi? ›

For a utility trailer that is a flat bed, tilt or drop gate trailer and is not more than nine (9) feet in width, not more than twenty-four (24) feet in length and has a gross vehicle weight of five thousand (5,000) pounds or less, the license tag shall be the same size as the license tag for motorcycles.

How do I sell my car privately in Colorado? ›

How to Sell a Car in Colorado
  1. Step 1: Allow the Buyer to Have the Vehicle Inspected by a Third Party.
  2. Step 2: Clean Out the Vehicle.
  3. Step 3: Remove the License Plates.
  4. Step 4: Prepare a Bill of Sale.
  5. Step 5: Collect Payment from the Seller.
  6. Step 6: Sign Over the Title.
  7. Step 7: Report the Sale of the Vehicle.

How do I sell my car privately in Massachusetts? ›

What paperwork do I need to privately sell a car in Massachusetts?
  1. A Bill of Sale (although not legally required)
  2. The vehicle's original or replacement certificate of title.
  3. Current maintenance and vehicle records.
  4. A Registration and Title Application (filled out by the buyer)

How do I sell my car privately in PA? ›


When selling a vehicle, the seller must sign and handprint their name on the proof of ownership document. The seller's signature is required to be notarized or verified on the Pennsylvania title. The seller's signature may be required to be notarized on some out-of-state titles.

Does carmax give more than trade-in value? ›

However, if you sell your car to a dealer like Carmax or Carvana or trade it in on another vehicle, you will receive its wholesale value, which is always lower. Wholesale values and trade-in values are essentially the same thing.

Can you sell a car without a title? ›

Yes, you can sell a car without a title if you have proof of ownership. Selling a car without proof of ownership is illegal in most states. That said, it's not uncommon to discover that you don't have your car's title in your possession.

Can I sell a car that wont pass emissions in Colorado? ›

At the time of sale the seller is required to provide the buyer with a passing emissions test that has not been used previously to register a vehicle or renew a vehicle registration. Colorado dealers are required to provide a passing emissions test or a voucher good for one emissions test at the time of sale.

Are all private car sales sold as seen? ›

Remember, regardless of car age and price, sold as seen and trade sale do not legally apply to private buyers. When you purchase a car from a company, you both enter a legal, binding contract that excludes comments on reduced liabilities.

What happens if I sell my car with a private plate? ›

If you decide to sell or give your private reg to someone else, you have to assign it to their car. You can do this online using the Personalised Vehicle Registration Service. If you prefer to do things by post, you need to send the DVLA: The log book of the car that will have the private plate.

Can you sell a car that won't pass inspection in MA? ›

The Failed Inspection Lemon Law allows you to cancel a motor vehicle contract or sale and get a refund if your car fails to pass inspection within 7 days from the date of sale and the cost of repairs exceeds 10% of the purchase price.

Does a bill of sale have to be notarized in PA? ›

When selling a vehicle, the seller must sign and handprint their name on the proof of ownership document. The seller's signature is required to be notarized or verified on the Pennsylvania title. The seller's signature may be required to be notarized on some out-of-state titles.

Is eTags com legit? ›

eTags has a consumer rating of 4.7 stars from 393,860 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with eTags most frequently mention great service, credit card and registration renewal. eTags ranks 1st among DMV Other sites.

Do both parties have to be present to transfer a car title in PA? ›

Do Both Parties Need to Be Present to Transfer a Car Title in PA? Yes, both parties need to be present to sign the title and have it notarized by a licensed Pennsylvania notary public.

Which is better CarMax or Carvana? ›

Which Is Better: Carvana or CarMax? Carvana is a better option if you look for convenience and ease of use in your purchases and trades. On the other hand, CarMax is ideal for people who want to test drive the car beforehand and who do not mind going to their nearest CarMax location to do it.

Does CarMax negotiate when selling your car? ›

CarMax advertises “no-haggle” pricing, and it does not offer price matching or negotiation on any car purchases, sales or trade-ins.

Does CarMax honor their offers? ›

According to their website, approximately 60% of all cars they take in are rejected for their retail lots. As mentioned, Carmax's appraisal model determines the amount of your 7-day offer letter and where your car will be sold.


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